Government Relations

New West Public Affairs is your guide to navigating government and how it affects your business. We regularly meet with policy makers in Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa to ensure that our clients concerns and insights are considered when government shapes laws and regulations that affect industry. We represent national and provincial clients, non-profits, and charities to guide public policy in the right direction.

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Media Relations

New West Public Affairs has a long standing relationship with Canada’s media in the markets that our clients care about. From writing press releases to managing an ongoing national news event, New West is working for you ensuring that you get the attention to launch your profile or we work to keep your profile out of the news if you prefer. Our staff write op-eds in newspapers and magazines to shape the public dialog around the issues that matter to you.

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Political Campaigns

Let’s just say, we’ve been involved in a few. For us, campaigns are multi-faceted undertakings that hone a set of persuasion skills over decades. Our firm’s principals and senior advisors have been executives and senior managers of national, provincial, and municipals political campaigns. From digital management, media relations, policy development, and getting the candidate to the debates or the door, we’ve been there, done that.

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Strategic Communications

It’s not just what you say, but how you say it, when you say, and who you say it to. Some speak often, but those who win speak wisely. New West Public Affairs works with you to map out your objectives to plan a strategy of how you can achieve your end goal. We employ a series of tactics, some of which can garner a lot of attention and some which can cause a profound effect without making much of a ripple.

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Featured Sectors

Our team has experience in the major sectors that shape our provincial and national economies. Our clients usually operate in industries that are highly regulated by government, face burdensome red tape, or where they seek a strategic advantage through government partnership. These are a few highlighted industries for which we provide strategic counsel to our clients.


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